Herman Cain Wins First Tea Party Straw Poll

Here is a story that may not make the headlines, as it is so outside of the Mainstream Media’s misrepresentation of the Tea Party movement.  The Tea Party held a straw poll vote for the 2012 presidential election this weekend.  The winner, with 22% of the 1600 votes cast, was Herman Cain.  Though he has not officially declared as a candidate, the strong showing with the Tea Party will help to boost Cain’s already fast-rising star among the fiscally conservative voters of the Tea Party.  Minnesota Govenor Tim Pawlenty came in second with 16% of the vote.

At some point, the media should be embarrassed as they continue to push the mythical claims of racism that have plagued the Tea Party.  Mouthpieces from Joy Behar and Janeane Garofalo, to former president Carter and just about anyone with a show on MSNBC, have made claims that the problem that Tea Partiers have with the government is that a black man is in charge.  The results of this straw poll are so counter to that argument that some degree of professional credibility should creep into the consciousness of these reports and pundits, though that may be asking too much from the liberal crowd.

As for Herman Cain, we do have a candidate who is able to run on a record of creating jobs, of running some very succesful operations and a man who brings a fresh set of credentials to Washington without having an entire career of political favors for which to account.  Here is a man who can make hard choices and stands, as I wish every politician did, on his record.  We still have a lot of time before primaries heat up, but the field is begining to offer some new blood in the party rather than recycling the John McCains and Mitt Romneys of the world.

More reading: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2011/02/27/herman-cain-wins-tea-party-presidential-live-straw-poll-at-phoenix-summit/

One thought on “Herman Cain Wins First Tea Party Straw Poll”

  1. Cain only won from the people that voted in person. Online Ron Paul won with 50% of the votes.

    Herman Cain used to work for the Federal Reserve and has even said there is no cause to Audit the Fed.


    Dr. Ron Paul/Dr. Rand Paul 2012

    "Only Doctors Will Heal Our Country"

    Anybody that worked for the Banksters at the Federal Reserve, Herman Cain, is definitely NOT somebody We the People will support or vote for.

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