Health Care: The next Leap of Faith in American Politics

Two of the pillars that Barack Obama has staked his presidency on are starting to crumble, and the cause is a damn the facts, full speed ahead approach to politics.  Both the energy policy and healthcare policy of this Administration have an end goal that is admirable: energy independence and increased healthcare coverage; few would argue that either is a bad thing.  But along the way, common sense and practicality are ignored and a punitive attitude is more pervasive than a utilitarian one.  In regard to energy policy, we are staking future on green jobs that do not exist while sacrificing our current economy.  In the healthcare debate, the public is being completely ignored and the very people that have profited from the lack of a free market in healthcare (insurance companies and pharmaceuticals), are the only ones who will profit from this bill.

Obama and the Administration went to bat last month in Copenhagen for the global warming crowd.  His untimely efforts came on the heels of scandals showing that much of the political debate surrounding climate change does not have data that supports the conclusions or the actions of the politicians.  The result has been a loss of public trust in the intentions of our leaders.  The country’s focus has gone from developing our own energy sources in an environmentally sensitive and economical manner to reliance by the Administration on a mythical green job economy that shows no promise of energy independence anytime in the next generation or two.  Faith in green jobs and  faith in global warming has overtaken sound economics.

The Obama position on healthcare has taken a big hit as well, whether Scott Brown wins the Massachusetts Senate election or not, the public reaction to “the Ted Kennedy seat” has become a referendum on Obamacare, and not a favorable one for the President.  The results in Massachusetts are not as Obama would like us to believe: a result of Big Insurance blocking reform; they are rooting for the bill.  No, the reaction is a result of the backroom dealing, the ends justify the means approach to pass a bill– any bill that the Democrats can hang their hat on. Once again, common sense and prudence were the first casualties of a health care bill that was to broad and more concerned with punishing the haves than helping the have-nots.

If Scott Brown wins an almost inconceivable victory in Massachusetts, will the Administration rethink its 2700 page all-controlling approach to healthcare and address the problems of cost and coverage?  Not according to some. Politico quotes an Administration official on the probability of a Brown win: “This is not a moment that causes the president or anybody who works for him to express any doubt,” a senior administration official said. “It more reinforces the conviction to fight hard.”

Misplaced faith in liberal policy, supported by campaign rhetoric, rather than fact, is poor substitute for jobs and healthcare reform.

From Politico: President Obama plans combative turn