Galileo and the Danger of Faith Based Science.


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From the UK Daily Mail:  The devastating book which debunks climate change

Facing Scandal, Head of Climate Research Lab to Temporarily Step Down

4 thoughts on “Galileo and the Danger of Faith Based Science.”

  1. (Continued)

    Nevertheless, a weak pope (Urban VIII) permitted a verdict that Galileo was "vehemently suspected" of heresy. (A stupid and unjust ruling, very much the product of academic rivalries and clerical factions, plus the fact that Galileo and Urban were both "vehemently" cranky.) The result was that Galileo was put under "house arrest" and permitted to stay in the houses of friends, always comfortable and usually luxurious.

    Galileo continued both his work and his correspondance, enjoying both popularity and notoriety, and eventually Urban VIII sent Galileo his special blessing, a reconciliation of the two old men.

    Not exactly canonization (for either Urban or Galileo!) but neither was it the melodramatically-distorted myth of "dogma" vs "science." "Scientific consensus," plus human foolishness, had the starring roles in this unfortunate prosecution.

    Which is where it "connects" with Climategate

  2. Good column, but doesn't anybody proofread any more?
    it’s – its
    affect – effect
    prodigy – progeny
    churches – church’s

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