ACORN: Part of Our Economic Downfall

Yesterday, Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE) introduced an amendment to block federal funds from going to ACORN until a complete investigation has taken place. 

“ACORN has been in legal trouble in several states with raid after raid on their offices by officials looking into voter fraud. More than 30 ACORN officials have been convicted of fraud and new allegations of fraud are surfacing by the day,” Johanns said. “It’s wrong to give tax dollars to a group with multiple convictions of undermining our democratic process and our laws. So, I’m introducing measures to stop the federal funding of ACORN.” – Senator Mike Johanns

With the recent troubles of ACORN in Florida, Baltimore, Washington DC, and New York, it is clear that the group that helped elect Barrack Obama has been involved in some shady dealings.  Though it may not be as sensational as the child prostitution angle of the recently exposed videos, what is being ignored is ACORN’s roll in our current financial problems. 

It has been well documented that ACORN was involved in coercing banks into giving loans to people who could not afford them.  But what may be most telling in the recent videos is the depth to which ACORN may be involved in the falsifying of loan documents and tax records.  ACORN claims as one of their accomplishments, “Preparing, since 2004, approximately 150,000 free tax returns totaling $190 million in refunds and increased earned income tax credit participation“( While I am sure that the vast majority of these were legitimate filings, the recent accusations of fraud call into questions what could be a systemic culture of skirting the law at ACORN.

What we have gotten in ACORN, even when we take away accusations of voter fraud and the seedy prostitution angle of the O’Keefe videos, is a clear indicator that what we have funded, with tax payer dollars, is an economic snake in the grass.  First, ACORN went after banks to encourage risky loans (with tax money), and then they lobbied Congress (with tax money), resulting in the use of Fannie and Freddie to float those risky assets to the market.  Now we are seeing that ACORN (with tax money) may have been involved in the preparation of fraudulent loan applications and tax records (to extort tax money).  All of these factors were one of the causes of the bank meltdown, which lead to the TARP bailout (using tax money). 

There are many reasons to support the work that ACORN does in helping out in our poorest communities, but with so many red flags being raised, it is time to let them go it alone with private donations.

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  1. Why allow any "group" to "help" someone vote. If they aren't capable of filling out a form …they should not be voting anyway!

    1. Exactly right Ann. Too many people do not take the seriously thier responsibility to vote and make themselves the willing pawns of an organization like ACORN.

  2. Do you work for ACORN? How do you know it’s a fabrication? If the DEMOCRAT controlled congress and White House is pulling funding and ties from ACORN based on this "story" as you put it, there must be some merit to it. I don't believe that the republicans or Independents are picking on ACORN, there is SO much evidence of wrongdoing and clear ties to The White House on this matter.
    How do you ignore facts? See:… For some of the grievances and evidence that is supposedly non-existent.

  3. As John F. Kennedy once said, "Where there's smoke, look for a smoke-making machine." The whole "story" of ACORN is a fabrication of the Republican National Committee and those folks in Republican politics who come out with the daily "talking points" for people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. ACORN has had the audacity to register poor people to vote, and those poor people are usually Democrats. This infuriates the Republicans and the right wing commentators. So the right wingnuts find any transgression they can and pump it up and repeat it again and again through the Right Wing echo chambers of Fox News and the conservative talkers.
    They even had to send a camera crew to one ACORN office after another with the clear purpose of entrapment to get some ACORN people to help finance a small business that might just have some taint of prostitution. Give me a break!
    Most American people are not falling for this baloney. Most American people know that any organization as large and as active as ACORN is going to have a few people who break some laws. The bottom line is that ACORN does good work, ACORN registers people to vote, ACORN helps poor people get loans from shady and greedy banks, and ACORN as an organization has not done anything wrong.
    We will continue to hear the drumbeat of accusations and innuendo against ACORN from the Republicans because they have no other issue. The Republican policies of the last thirty years ruined the economy, wiped out the meager savings of a lot of poor people, and made a lot of rich Republicans a lot richer. The Republicans have nobody to blame but themselves. So who do they blame? ACORN, that's who.

    1. Wow, way to prove the point of ACORN trolls posting on blogs.

      With 2 Neurons, you would have…2 Neurons Jay!

    2. Wow. Mr. Magoo these comments are as insightful as the coke bottle glasses of your namesake would imply.
      In the last 30 years "republican" policies have ruined the economy? Though they held a slim majority for 12 of the last 30 years, it is republican policies that have been at work here. Is Barney Frank now a republican, how about Clinton, Carter, Chris Dodd? They share a large portion of the blame for the economy along with some republicans, the bankers on the Admin's payroll, and yes ACORN. Like so many others you want to make the argument about republicans and the O'keefe videos. Did you read more than the title? Democrats and republicans were not mentioned, and the implications of the O'keefe videos were downplayed.
      The truth is that ACORN has worked for years to undermine our economy. You have offered no argument otherwise.
      You seem to feel that rounding up votes for a bunch of millionaires is nobler than educating people about the process and what it means to them. Good luck in your adventures.

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